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Who We Are

Welcome to the future

We’re talking about YOUR future… the future of YOUR business!

Onpoint New Media is a full-service agency that designs and builds beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences. Our roots are founded in user-centric digital experiences and we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology & design.

WE KNOW_ it can be overwhelming and confusing to choose what’s best for your brand and company. We believe the best way to discover this is to talk it out, give us a call and tell us what you need. We’re eager to share our insights and ideas.

WE BELIEVE_ each project has a unique opportunity for the expression of truth, beauty, and connection… to each other and the amazing world around us.

OUR GOAL_ is to find the absolute best solutions and guide you through every step, from consultation & design, to launch and support.


A UX/UI, Brand & Web Design Team
Focused On Vision, Product & People.

I believe work should speak for itself. Browse my select projects below.
Designed with Passion & Experiential Intelligence in every detail.


Services that turn ideas into extraordinary digital products & experiences

Whether with an app, a site, or a system, my focus is on helping you improve your relationship
with your customers through a mix of strategy, design, technology, and experiential intelligence.

Design+UX & UI Design

Pursuing deeper connections between your brand and your customers through human-centered design. Reimagining your brand’s DNA through striking visual design, brand refreshes, and scalable digital design systems.

Creative Direction
Graphic Design
UX and UI design

Brand Strategy

Ensuring consistent standards across your entire marketing ecosystem to facilitate speed to market, build loyalty, and drive sales.

Brand architecture
Brand Continuity
Brand Guidelines & Implementation
Brand governance and tracking
Integrated brand marketing

Branding & Brand Identity

We have created an awesome theme to help designers, developers, and companies create websites for their startups quickly and easily.

Logo Design
Brand Voice & Style
Naming Convention
Products & Services Branding
Visual Identity & Design Systems

Digital Products and Platforms

Embracing a holistic approach to products and platforms that includes rapid prototyping, iterative development, and ongoing testing to maximize the value of your owned channels.

Web and app design
Platform ecosystems
Platform strategy, advisory & implementation
Usability testing

Customer Experience

Deploying powerful new technologies to boldly reimagine your CX strategies for your current and future customers.

Next-gen customer journeys
Mixed reality and immersive CX
Personalization and customization
Experiential activations
Loyalty and advocacy

Web Front & Back Development

Creating an intuitive and enjoyable front-end experience for the end user. Back-end dev to provide a reliable and efficient foundation for the front end, taking care of everything from ensuring functionality and code efficiency to integrating data and much more.

API Integration


Combining data, technology, and creativity to deliver commerce experiences and products that drive sales and growth.

Commerce strategy
Channel strategy & CX
Experiential/physical retail
eCommerce and owned channels
Marketplaces and social commerce

Motion Graphics/Infographics

Want to attract attention and clicks, motion graphics can have a significant impact. Motion Transform your static graphics into engaging visuals. Infographics and animated infographics can tell a story or turn complex data into as simulatable dynamic visuals.

Elevate your media
Animate Your Presentations
Create Product Explainers

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI, it’s everywhere. Biggest game-changing technology ever! AI can be an incredible creativity amplifier and performance-enhancing asset if you know how to use it. A digital collaborator to supercharge our imaginations and boost performance.

Generative Image & Video Ai
Auto Agents | Content Gen AI
Prompt Engineering


Let's work together!

We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our products or services.

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Brand startups, refresh, rebrand or just some juicy bit to sprinkle on top of something you already have. It all starts with an exchange of ideas. Tag us in! We promise to give you our best and brightest, right from start. Let’s talk.

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Producing fresh, relevant content can be quite a challenge. And the truth is sometimes we all need fresh eyes and “a different point of view” to give the market what it craves… MORE CONTENT. Let’s talk strategies.

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Big project? Deadline conflicts? Need a “Next Level” solution? We’d love to join your team. Many of our clients are also agencies. We can provide strategic creative resources, working behind the scenes under your flag.

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